Ikisan AIITA Division
(Agri Information, Information Technology and Automation Division)

Agri Value Chain:

Over 60% of India's 1.2 billion population is dependent on the Agricultural and Food Value Chain (Agricultural Inputs, Agriculture, Agricultural Output Supply Chain, Output Processing, Retailing and Sales) and contributes to more than 30% of India's GDP. Food and Grocery Retail industry itself is over US$ 325 Billion. This makes Agricultural Value Chain the biggest contributor to the Indian economy of Indian economy....(Read More)




Rising income levels and growing population is increasing the demand for food. However, growth in agricultural output has been slower than the growth in demand in food. This is resulting in the high level of inflation that has been plaguing the economy. Agriculture and Agricultural Value Chain productivity have become the most important drivers of Indian economy.




  • Ikisan is an agricultural portal, a one-stop information resource for Indian farmer. Ikisan provides online, detailed content on crops, crop management techniques, fertilisers & pesticides and a host of other agriculture related material. Latest updates on related markets, products and weather forecasts are also available.
  • Generic information enriches you with common topics on agriculture like Soils, Seeds, Nutrients, Rural Credit, Insurance, Sprayers, Machinery etc.
  • Crop Specific Information deals with localised cropwise details....(Read More)
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