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Ikisan - Varieties of Citrus
  • Citrus fruits are members of the "Rutaceae" family which contain more than a thousand species mostly found in tropical region of Africa, South-East Asia and Australia.
  • The following are varieties of citrus extensively cultivated in India.

Sweet orange

  • Three varieties of sweet orange viz., Sathgudi (or Cheeni) Mosambi, and Batavian are popular in the state.


Mosambi fruits
  • As the name suggests, the fruit originates from Mozambique. it has prominent streaks on the rind and a circular grove at the styler end.
  • The fruit is subglobose in shape; juice is not plentiful and though sweet, sometimes it can be almost insipid due to an unbalanced sugar-acid ratio.
  • This variety contains more seeds than the sathgudi orange.

Santhgudi (Chennai)

sathgudi fruits
  • The name Sathgudi owes its origin to a place "Sathgur" in Tamil Nadu.
  • This variety is popular among cultivators in Andhra Pradesh because of higher yield potential, wider adaptability and better consumer acceptance.
  • The fruit is spherical in shape with a smooth surface, the rind is thin, semi-glossy, finely pitted and orange coloured when fully ripe.
  • It has 10 to 12 segments, abundant juice (45%), T.S.S. (Total Soluble Solids) 6.4%, acidity 0.69% and an ascorbic acid content of 44 mg/100g.


  • Popular in the North coastal districts of the state,this is similar to sathgudi. it develops yellow patches on the green rind of the fruit when it is basketed to protect itself from the sucking moth.

Acid Lime

Acid lime fruits
  • This variety is often reffered to as Kagzi lime in some parts of India and is grown extensively all over the state.
  • The fruit is round to oblong in shape, the rind thin, smooth and yellow; the apex round and slightly nippled; the pulp is light greenish-yellow, juice and very acidic.

Sour orange

  • Grown in the coastal districts, the Vadlapudi orange, also known as the Guntur Orange, is very popular and a much favoured sour orange.
  • However, it is highly susceptible to root rot and collar rot disease.
  • In the early 1940's several plantations in Guntur and Krishna districts suffered extensively from this calamity.
  • Over the last five decades, efforts have been made at the Fruit Research Station, Anantharajupet (Kodur) to introduce and evaluate different varieties of citrus species. Among the many sweet orange varieties tested.
  • Sathagudi and Valencia Late were found to have the best potential.
  • As Valendia Late matures late in the season, it commands a good price in the market.
  • Also, the performance of Washington Navel, Buckey Navel and Blood Red cualtivars is good, indicating their desirability for commercial cultivation.

The following high-yielding varieties in each kind of citrus fruit were selected and recommended

Citrus Fruit
Sweet Orange Sathgudi, Valencia Late
Mandarin Dency Tangerine
Lemon Malta, Nepali Oblong, Lemon Long
Acid Lime Kagzi Lime
Pummelo Red Sweet
Grapefruit Marsh Seedless, Thompson


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