Crisis Management

  • Small size of holdings
  • Scattered distribution of holdings occupied by small farmers
  • Non-adoption of scientific cultivation practices
  • Non-adoption timely plant protection measures
  • Absence of hybrid technology
  • Price fluctuation
  • Marketing
  • Long term storage is not possible due to its perishability
  • Most cultivar susceptible to fruit borer attack.

Tips to Obtain Higher Yields

  • Use recommended varieties for the specific agroclimatic zone.
  • Use high yielding varieties and hybrids.
  • Sowing/Planting should be done in right season.
  • Transplant the seedling at the right age considering the duration of the variety.
  • Maintain optimum population.
  • Keep the field weed free.
  • Apply recommended quantity of organic manure before last ploughing.
  • Apply recommended dosage of fertilizers at appropriate time.
  • Provide optimum irrigation considering the soil moisture.
  • Adopt need based plant protection measures.
  • Harvest the fruits at appropriate time.