Weed Management


  • A broad spectrum of grassy (monocot) and broad leaf (dicot) weeds interfere with crop growth.
  • The critical period of weed competition is the first 30 days of crop growth.
  • Weeds reduce crop yield and production efficiency.
  • Hampers intercultural operations
  • Weeds reduce crop quality
  • Weeds harbour insect pest and disease.
  • Flow of water in channels and field is obstructed.
  • Increase cost of cultivation.
  • Allelopathic effect on crops.
  • Competition for light, nutrient, space and water.
  • Yield loss has been reported to be about 30-50 per cent.


Common Weeds in Brinjal Fields

Common Name
Botnnical Name
1. Kunjampul
Chloris barbata
2. Arugampul (Hariali grass)
Cynodon dactylon
3. Mathangipul
Dactyloctenium aegyptium
4. Arisipul
Digitaria sanguinalis
5. Ingipul
Panicum repens
1.Nutgrass (Korai)
Cyprus rotundus
Dicot weeds
1. Kuppaimeni
Acalypha indica
2. Kuppaikerai
Amaranthus viridis
3. Aduthinna palai
Aristolochia bracteata
4. Oomathai Datura fastuosa
5. Nai thulasi Ocimum canum
6. Congress weed Parthenium hysterophorus
7. Saranai Trianthema portulocastrum
8. Nerungi Tribulus terrestris
9. Verrukayapoondu Tridax procumbens


Weed Control Methods

Cultural and physical methods

  • Summer ploughing
  • Proper crop stand
  • Intercropping
  • Crop rotation
  • Solarisation
  • Burning the crop residues and weeds
  • Mulching

Manual Weeding

  • Remove the weeds by hoeing on 30th day of planting and earthing up.
  • Depending upon the need, hoeing should be repeated once in a month.

Biological methods

  • Allow cattle for grazing during the lean period.

Chemical methods The herbicide recommendation for brinjal is given in table.

Dose(kg ai/ha)
Commercial product
Dose (l/ha)
Time of application
1.00 Basalin 48 EC 2.00 Pre-plant incorporation
1.00 Stomp 30 EC 2.50 Pre-emergence
1.50 Machete 50 EC 3.00 Pre-emergence

  • The herbicidal application should be done when there is sufficient moisture in soil.


  • Soil should be moist when herbicide is applied.
  • Do not walk or trample over herbicide sprayed plots because the weeds in watered areas may not be covered properly by herbicide and the effect will be rescued.

Benefits of herbicide use

  • Early weed control.
  • Herbicide application keeps the field free from weeds upto 30 days.
  • Controls weeds without any injury to the crop.
  • Controls many uncontrollable weeds.
  • Useful in labour scarce areas.