Crisis Management

    The sowing of potato crop starts from September and continues till mid October. It faces some crisis at the germination stage in the form of

    • High temperature
    • Rainfall after sowing
    • Seed rotting and poor plant stand
    • Curling of leaf and erect stolons
    • High temperature at the time of sowing mainly damages the crop by rotting of seeds.
    • This problem is experienced only when the crop is sown in early September.
    • The early sowing is done to exploit the market by ensuring the supply during early November thereby fetching a good market price.
    • Sometimes the farmers want to sow peas / wheat / gobhi sarson after the potato crop.
    • Hence they go in for early sowing so as to vacate and prepare the field in time.

    The adverse effect of high temperature can be minimized through the following

    • Application of light and frequent irrigation
    • Application of vegetable mulching
    • Adjustment of sowing with the help of meteorological information

    The rainy season continues till September end. The rainfall after sowing also affects the crop stand. It leads to

    • Formation of hard crust
    • Deformation of ridges
    • Removal of soil from tubes and its exposure to sunlight
    • Reduces the effect of applied herbicide
    • Appearance of weed flora

    To minimize these adverse affects of rainfall

    • Cover the tubers with soil
    • Reform the ridges manually
    • Break the crust formed
    • Apply light irrigation to keep the soil loose
    • Apply the first dose of urea after when the germination is complete.

    Efforts should be made to meet any eventualities so as to maintain the proper / optimum plant population.

    • Do the gap filling as early as possible
    • Use sprouted tubers for gap filling
    • Before sowing a new tuber, remove the rotten tuber first
    • Apply light irrigation after gap filling
    • Apply additional fertilizer (nitrogenous) in spots where gap filling is done to give a better start after germination or apply urea spray @ 3 percent for development of better vigour.

    The sap-sucking insects and leaf curls also attack the early sown crop and new growth is not formed. To control this

    • Spray rogor/ metasystox against jassids and white fly
    • Do the hoeing for keeping the field free from host plants
    • Follow all the post-sowing operation in time
    • Cutting of haulms of seed crop must be done in December end to check the transmission of viral diseases
    • Keep the seed crop without haulms in the soil till February end
    • Avoid early sowing.