Seed Varieties

Recommended Varieties

  • These types of varieties are being cultivated by the farmers i.e. early, medium and late growing varieties.
  • Interestingly, the farmers of Punjab are so advanced that they take two crops in succession by planting potato in early September and then in the end of October or early November.
  • Particularly in the cool partially cooler sub-mountain region.
  • No doubt they harvest low produce from the first crop but fetch very good price for their produce which compensate low yield.

The detail description of all varieties is given below

Time of Maturity in Days
Yield t/ha
Early Varieties
Kufri Chandra mukhi(A-2708) 90 25.0 Plants: are medium tall, vigorous having open look with lighter purple flower.(ii) Tubers: are white attractive, oval with fleet eyes, its flesh is dull whity. It is susceptible to early blight.
Kufri Ashoka 70-80 28-30 Plants: are tall, erect, strong with green colours/
Tubers: are large, uniform, oval shaped and white in colour. The eyes are less deep.
Potato has better keeping quality. It has 17-20 % more dry matter of potato flesh suitable for chips making.
On account of early in maturity it is resistant to late blight disease/
Mid Season Varieties
Kufri Jyoti 80-95 200-250 * Plants are high with erect leaves and light green colour of leaves.* Tubers are large, oval, white in colour with fleet eyes. Its tubers are susceptible to cracking. * Resistant to late blight of potato.* The viral diseases are also having less effect on this variety.
Kufri Jawahar 80-95 300-350 *It has stout stem and erect leaf canopy, suitable for inter cropping Tubers are medium round, oval shape with white flesh. It flesh is light yellow and eyes are less deep.*High keeping quality, and easy for baking.*It requires less irrigation on account of early maturity *It is resistant to late blight of potato.
Kufri Satluj 90-95 310-360

Plants are of medium stature, spreading and erect habit and medium stout.

The colour of canopy is dull white green.

Tubers are large, oval, clean, white in colour. Eyes are less deep on potato. Its flesh is cream in colour.

It does not turn green on exposure to light.

Tubers can be kept for longer period.

*Medium resistance to late blight of potato.
Kufri Lalima 110 300-350 Its plants are tall with dark green leaves. Tubers are red, round, clean, deep eyes with yellow flesh. Its structure is like wheat flour. It has high keeping quality and can be stored for a longer period.
Kufri Bahar 110 300-350 Its plants are medium stout, strong with dark green colour of leaves. Tubers are large and, round with white colour and flesh/ It is susceptible to late blight of potato. Skin being very thin and weak is peeled off while transporting.
Late Varieties
Kufri Sindhuri(C 140) 110- 120 300 The plants are erect, tall, vigorous, medium compact, with blue purple and abundant flower. Tubers are large, clean, light red. Its eyes less deep with yellow flesh. Its texture is waxy. High keeping quality and can be stored for longer period. Do not grow in very textured soils, which may spoil its quality.
Kufri Badshah 110-120 300-400 The plants are strong with fully spread leaves. Tubers are large, oval, white with fleet eyes. On exposure to light tubers change to purple colour. Resistant to late blight of potato. It can be raised in hilly area too.