Weed Management

Important weeds of papaya


  • Cyanodan dactylon - Hariyali


  • Cyperus rotundus - Nutgrass

Broad leaves

  • Ageratum conyzoides - Gog weed
  • Amaranthus viridis - Kuppai Keerai
  • Boerhaevia diffusa - Mukkurattai
  • Euphorbia hirta - Amman pacharici
  • Parthenium hysterophorus - Congress
  • weed Trianthema decanni - Siru saranai
  • Trianthema portulacastrum - Saranai

Losses caused

  • Affect growth and development of papaya leading to reduced fruit yield.
  • The extent of crop loss due to weeds is dependent on (a) the intensity of weed competition, (b) weed species predominant, (c) duration of weed competition, and (d) climatic factor such as rainfall, temperature and sunlight which affect weed growth.
  • Therefore, keep the weeds in papaya orchards completely under control. Control the weeds in papaya by mechanical (i.e. manual) or chemical methods.
  • For effective weed control, adopt a combination of both methods.
  • Mulching very effectively suppresses weed growth while conserving soil moisture.
  • Mulch the field wherever, possible, particularly in young plantings using grasses like Guatemala, Napier and other plant materials.
  • Among the various pre and post-emergence herbicides only paraquat and glyphosate have been reported to be used in papaya orchards.
  • Use paraquat @ 30 ml in 10 litres of water against broad leaved weeds in papaya plantations.
  • Use glyphosate @ 25 to 30 ml in 10 litres of water against grass and broad leaved weeds in papaya.
  • Care must be taken to avoid spray solution drifting on the young seedlings.