• Pigeonpea belongs to family leguminosae. Plants are erect, tall with 1 to 4m in height. A deep tap root with lateral branches is produced. Young stems are angular and pubescent.
  • Leaves are spirally arranged. The leaflets are entire and demely silky on the lower surface.
  • Petioles are short, slender, grooved and subtended by small stipules.

  • Terminal leaflets are on longer stalk and are longer than laterals, leaflets are 5-10 cm long.
  • Inflorescences is small, racemes mostly axillary sometimes terminal, 4-12 cm long.
  • Flowers are yellow, sometimes tinged red or purple.
  • The pods are compressed with diagonal depressions between seeds up to 8 in number, upto 8 cm long and 1-1.5 cm broad and non-shattering.
  • Seed orbicular or oval with one flattened edge, testa colour is white, grey, red, brown and purple etc.
  • Pigeonpeas are self compatible and are most frequently self pollinated. The flowers are visited by insects, and depending on the frequency of visits from 5 to 40 per cent of crossing can occur.