Climate and Soils

Climate Soils


  • Chillies can be grown under tropical and sub-tropical climates.
  • It can be cultivated upto an altitude of 2000m. However, pungent varieties or varieties suited for spices cannot be grown on higher altitudes.
  • A warm humid climate favours growth while warm and dry weather enhances fruit maturity.
  • It can be grown successfully as a rain-fed crop in areas receiving an annual rainfall of 850-1200 mm. Heavy rainfall leads to poor fruit set and in association with high humidity leads to rotting of fruits.

  • Pungent chillies are susceptible to frost.
  • A soil temperature of 10°C retards plant development, where as 17°C causes normal development. A temperature ranging from 20-25°C is ideal for chillies.
  • Tops of plant will continue to develop at higher temperatures but root development is retarded at soil temperatures of 30°C and above.
  • In chillies fruit development was found to be adversely affected at temperatures of 37°C or more.
  • High temperature associated with low relative humidity at flowering increases the transpiration resulting in abscission of buds, flowers and small fruits.
  • Average high night temperature was found to be responsible for the high capsaicin content.
  • A day length of 9-10 hours light stimulates plant growth and increases the productivity by 21 - 24% besides improving the quality of capsicum.



  • Chillies are grown in a variety of soils provided they are well drained, well aerated and rich in organic matter.
  • The drained conditions cause shedding of leaves, sickly appearance and fruit drop.
  • Can be grown successfully in light textures soils by providing adequate irrigation and manuring. Heavy textured soils are also suitable for rainfed crop.
  • An ideal soil for chilli is light loamy or sandy loam rich in lime and organic matters.
  • Strongly acid and alkaline soils are not suitable for chilli growing.
  • Chilli can be successfully grown in soils with soil pH of 6-7.

  • In acid soils liming is beneficial.
  • High salinity reduces germination and vigour of plants.


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